”If I perform at best level in Finland, I can be satisfied.”

Tuomas Tähtelä, 23, has been playing racing games since he was a child. Now he studies computer science at university and attempts to drive as good as possibly. He started taking sim racing more seriously in 2014.

-Pretty quickly I noticed I was at the same point as the drivers who have been doing this for years. Soon I noticed I had gifts for this, Tähtelä tells.

Tähtelä thinks the best thing in sim racing is competitiveness and that you can be better than anyone else. Races can be very different from other, one can be 2 hours long, other 24 hours. Tähtelä doesn’t think it makes any difference to his personal preparing.

– It doesn’t matter how long the race is. The pace must always be found just as quickly, Tähtelä emphasizes.

Tähtelä doesn’t have any specific training routines. He drives when it feels good.

– I practice when I feel like it, because then it is the most effective. Practically I drive every day from one hour to couple hours, Tähtelä tells.

Results aren’t the most important thing to Tähtelä even though he likes competition. He wants to develop as a driver and drive better than others.

– It’s more important to drive as well as I’m supposed than look at the results. It doesn’t matter who I win, Tähtelä laughs.

One of the best moments in Tähtelä’s career happened over ten years ago. He played some racing game and got gold price from every test. Best sim racing moment happened last year when he was driving at Petit Le Mans.

– We were driving against Max Verstappen, we fought hard and finally we won, Tähtelä sums up.

As an organization, KOVA Esports is bigger than any other where Tähtelä has been in. It’s a big step forward and the fact that all his teammates are Finnish is important to Tähtelä.

– I am proud to represent Finland!

Tähtelä also has great confidence with his new team. In his former teams all drivers haven’t always been at the same page but now the situation is different.

– All our drivers are smart and drives at the level they should, Tähtelä sums up.