As you all know, our League of Legends -team got a place in NLC. Since dominating the Telia Esports Series and Telia Masters last year, we are extremely thrilled to announce our new roster!

First of all, we would like to thank Elmeri “euna” Mahlamäki, Aleksi “Merza” Meriläinen, Tommi “Toba” Kettunen and Atte “VL” Korpi for all the effort you put in the team and the organization. It was a great ride!

Now we have our roster ready for the next split! The core of our roster remains the same with three Finnish guys: Tatu “tatuy” Jauhiainen, Rami “snurmi” Nurmi and Ilmo “Tiara” Rapeli. With these old dogs you will see some new talent from abroad: Please welcome Sermend “Outlandisch” Alhmawendi, Libor “Proker” Král and Dennis “CastielMid” Hoese!

“Our roster seems very promising, we have connected very well from the beginning. We hope to fight for our spot in play-offs!” – Tatu “Tatuy” Jauhiainen

“Joining KOVA was surprising yet welcomed coincidence. Initially applying for the Assistant Coach role turned through unfortunate circumstances into the Head Coach role. Frankly speaking, we arguably do not have the best roster in the league but I do not think that the level of the league is overly high. Our progress in scrims has been very steady.

We should be able to contest the, on the paper, “better” teams and might end up upsetting one of the big favourites.” – Head Coach Dennis “CastielMid” Hoese.

  • Top: Tatu “Tatuy” Jauhiainen
  • Jungle: Sermend “Outlandisch” Alhmawendi
  • Mid: Libor “Proker” Král
  • Bot: Rami “Snurmi” Nurmi
  • Support: Ilmo “Tiara” Rapeli
  • Coach: Dennis “CastielMid” Hoese