It’s official: We are joining to the NHL party! We are happy to welcome Kimi ”ZipPlayer” Nordberg, Väinö ”Pikkardz” Pikkarainen, Valeri ”Valluxet” Reihel, Eemil ”diktaattori62” Törnvall, Ari ”TheFakiiR1” Palviainen, Mika ”Saviinainen” Raivisto, Rony ”rGinnu” Kinnunen, Janne ”JANURI98” Komsa and Axel ”MonkeyHeadAF” Falck to our family.

We are looking forward to see what this incredible team can achieve. You may recognize some names from previeous EASHL season. This year, they will be playing European Champion league, and the goal is that they will be in the top four. As all our gamers, you can be sure that these guys will stay #KOVANA.