This autumn KOVA and partners bring some action to Finnish Starcraft 2 scene. We are happy to announce that the second KSTL will take place on 27.9.2020!

Initially we wanted to broadcast on the entire weekend for two days for 26.-27.9. This shortening of the broadcasts means that we can improve the quality of production. The good news here is that Fraktio is coming onboard to help us with production. PKjedi from Fraktio has been an integral part of Finnish Starcraft 2 tournaments for the past few years. 

Format changes: We will be adopting the NationWars 2019 proleague into all-kill format. In NationWars each team has 3 players, but we will keep our 7 player teams. This means that the first team to reach 8 map wins secures the match victory. In addition each team will have a single ace player. In other words the initial proleague section for the tournament will look exactly the same to our first KSTL edition except now the continuation of all-kill will give the potential for surprises and comeback potentials. 

Prize pool changes: We want to commit to our intention to support the players nearing grandmaster rank. The majority of the prize pool will be put into the proleague format with each match now worth 25€ from the 15€. In addition the winning team will receive 70€ which means the total prize pool for the tournament will be 245€

Invites and ladder qualifier: The 7 invited players of course include our ZhuGeLiang and Mixu who will return as captains. Four invites go to players at the top of the Finnish ladder which include PuPu, Alluton, TheMusZero and WoodedMicrob. In addition two invites go to the legendary players Welmu and Naama. The ladder qualifier is found here: http://starcraft2.fi/tournaments/tournament.php?id=549 and will run until the 16.9. which will qualify the remaining 6 players. 

Broadcast schedule: The tournament will take place on 27.9. at 15:00 CEST. Main broadcast for the tournament on Saturday will be in Finnish at: https://www.twitch.tv/starcraft2fi. In addition we will have an international stream broadcasted by WarCraft 3 Champion and legendary caster RotterdaM at: https://www.twitch.tv/rotterdam08 in English. Nordic Starcraft League tournament runner Robzki will once again join in but covering it in Swedish at: https://www.twitch.tv/robzki.

Future prospects: If we decide to hold 1 more KSTL for 2020 it will be after ESL Dreamhack Masters Winter in November.