This autumn KOVA and partners bring some action to Finnish Starcraft 2 scene. We are happy to announce that there will be Starcraft 2 team league tournaments, and the first one will be on 15.8.2020!

The philosophy behind the tournament is to reinforce the strong community we have here in Finland for Starcraft 2. After 10 years of the game, the players who have stuck with it have shown incredible dedication and this is a celebration for all of us. We bring innovation to the tournament format in the sense that the traditional group stage and double elimination format that we have had for past few years in Finnish tournaments have lacked variety in terms of storylines.

For every tournament, team selection will be done through our Starcraft2 players Wenlei “ZhuGeLiang” Dai and Mikael “Mixu” Helenius. They will be captains of each team. This allows for a different combination of players competing against each other every time. For our kick off edition players will be invited based on their recent performance in Fuzer Shelter Room 3. In future we will have 6 invites including ZhuGeLiang and Mixu. The rest of 8 players will compete in a ladder competition to qualify for the tournament. Total player count will be 14 players.

The initial kick off event will take place on 15.8. with a single bo7 being played. Future editions of the tournament will take place on two days with a bo7 being played on each of those days. Teams remain the same for both bo7. 

Price pool for each bo7 and the kick off event will be around 140 € and future editions of this tournament will have two bo7s with around 280 €. More information on the distribution will be detailed later. It will try to encourage the team to work with each other while individual matches will not lose importance even if one team has already won the overall team match.

Broadcast schedule: Team selection will happen on 10.8. Monday and the tournament on 15.8. Saturday at 16:00 CEST. Main broadcast for the tournament on Saturday will be in Finnish at: In addition we will have a international stream broadcasted by the Nordic Starcraft League tournament runner Robzki covering it in English at:

Next edition of the tournament will most likely be played on 26.-27.9. or 3.-4.10. which is after the EPT fall ends. It is subject to change depending on tournament schedules of bigger tournaments.