KOVA X Lumo Energia: KOVA STARCRAFT TEAM LEAGUE TOURNAMENT CONTINUES This autumn KOVA and partners bring some action to Finnish Starcraft 2 scene. We are happy to announce that the second KSTL will take place on 27.9.2020! Initially we wanted to broadcast on the entire weekend for two days for 26.-27.9. This shortening of the

”If I perform at best level in Finland, I can be satisfied.” Tuomas Tähtelä, 23, has been playing racing games since he was a child. Now he studies computer science at university and attempts to drive as good as possibly. He started taking sim racing more seriously in 2014. -Pretty quickly I noticed I was

We are happy to announce that we have signed Jarkko “Spargo” Rahja to our CS:GO roster and he is our new AWP player. Before joining KOVA, Spargo has played in hREDS. At the same time we announce that all our CS:GO players have signed new contracts with the organization. https://youtu.be/E5akXCchiR0 "Spargo was the only player

"When you have the right car and track combination, it's so enjoyable that you just drive lap after lap and suddenly notice how four or five hours have passed.” 21-year-old Valtteri Alander has raced on a competitive level in sim racing since 2018. Before that, he has played different games on both PC and

”The most memorable situation in sim racing for me, so far, happened last year in the VRS GT iRacing Series' 4th round, when I was catching 2018's champion Maximilian Benecke, and the driver behind, trying to catch me, was Greger Huttu, a legend in the sim racing scene. When I realized that whole

”Traditional motorsport has been admired for a long time and it has been a way for people to show what they are cabable of. Sim racing creates same kind of possibility, but it brings it to everyone. It’s the most woderful thing in it.” Iku Merikalla, 27, has joined KOVA Esports to help sim

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